What is a Digital Paper Wallet

A digital paper wallet is an offline "cold" storage method. It contains the information to both verify and retrieve digital currency loaded onto it. Digital currency is placed at an address in the currencies digital block chain, and the paper wallet has the only key to acquire and spend it.

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Safe and Secure

Protect your Digital Crypto Currency from computer hackers with, offline "cold" storage, secure digital paper wallets. These wallets are printed offline on a non-networked computer in the standard tri-fold format with the key address hidden inside and closed with a tamper proof foil tab.

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Ahead of the Curve

Now is an exciting time, the beginnings of a true digital currency used by millions around the world and growing. Digital Crypto currency offers a lot of benefits in terms of it's speed and cost savings. It is also a remarkable investment opportunity, what's in your Crypto Portfolio?

Crypto for the future

All Of Our Wallets Are:

  • -Printed Offline For Maximum Security
  • -Printed in a Tri-Fold Design For Private Key Security
  • -Printed On Archival Paper For Durability
  • -Printed With Waterproof Ink
  • -Sealed with "Tamper" Tape
  • -Packaged and Sealed in Plastic Case
  • -Come With Detailed Handling Instructions
  • -Triple Verified Through Blockchain Explorer
  • -Shipped With Both Tracking and Delivery Confirmation

SSL Certified

Digitalpaperwallet.com is Secured with both industry-standard 128-bit encryption, And a high grade 256-bit encryption with an SSL certificate, for exceptional privacy and consumer protection!